The story of german singer Daniel Freitag is one of restlessness. With it he has come a considerable way: from a small village in Germany to a gig at one of Berlins biggest venues with his first band, then into the international theatre world as a composer and back to his musical beginnings as a Songwriter and Producer.

Daniel Freitag recorded his debut "Still" on his own devices. Michael Haves (Super700) served as Co-Producer, mixer and bassist. Also involved in the creation was Olaf Opal, who produced all the albums of the German Indie-Export The Notwist. Most of the songs were recorded live with musicians from the Berlin jazz scene. The result is a dynamic and energetic ride past the depths of worn out Indie-Pop and an emancipated debut.

Daniel Freitag acquired his skills in writing and producing on his own. While still in school he assembled his first studio in his parents basement, tried to learn every instrument he could lay his hands on and began to shape his sound. After studying musicology he discovered theatre as place to realize his musical ideas. He started working at the legendary Berliner Schaubuehne where he composed for Thomas Ostermeier („Enemy of the People“) as well as Ivo van Hove („Antigone“) and had his music heard in theaters all over the world. He collaborates with several other artists movie directors like Kirill Serebrennikovand Vincent Dieutre.

With his debut "Still" Freitag steps into the spotlight as a solo artist for the first time. 

Photos: Hannes M. Meier /